Spoonerism Fairy Tales

Spoonerism Fairy Tales

I've collected, thanks to all you random web surfers, quite a bit o' fairy tales in spoonerized form. See below. And, please, check this page carefully before you e-mail me asking for something.


Due to the overwhelming popularity of the spoonerized version of Cinderella, it now merits its own page: The Tales of Rindercella.

Pee Little Thrigs

I have one text version of this. There is some question as to the authorship. Again, this is attributed to Colonel Stoopnagle primarily, while other believe that Archie Campbell also created it. As you can see, it is not the standard story, but a variation, plus spoonerisms.

I have been pointed to a more complete (or at least longer) version of the "Pee Little Thrigs" online at Buster's Web Site.

Little Ride Hooding Red

Thanks to Tim S. of Minnesota Goonerisms Spalore is now proud to offer a spoonerized tale of Little Ride Hooding Red. Author is unknown right now, but I'm guessing that some reader out there can shed some light on it.

The Bree Thears

This version of this famous tairy fale was sent to me Evelyn O., who is only 9 years old.

Beeping Sleauty

This version of this famous tairy fale was sent to me by Connie G.

The Fox Trap

Submitted by Jody S. from Saturday Evening Post material.

Once upon a long time time ago, and old fay grox tell into a frap and had a diffy vericult time exing to triacate himself. Finally he did so but in the process the goor pie tossed his lail. He thought he would never dive it lown unless he could perfox the other suades to tart withtheir pails too. So he malled a keeting of all the futher oxes and advised them to tut off their cails. He said, "my freer dends, your tails are tite quiresom, always ricking out in the steer dahtering gust." But one of the folder oxes said, "If you hadn't tossed your own lail you wouldn't kee so been on getting us to toose ours loo." And the storal to this morri is this. "Destiny apes our shins so why get them cought in a trox fap?"

Starkle, Starkle Little Twink

Well, this isn't a tairy fale, and probably isn't entirely suitable for kids of that age. If you're not policing your kids online that's not especially my problem, though. Again, this rhyme has been attributed to Colonel Stoopnagle (though perhaps not in this form). Either way, it's funny.

Starkle, Starkle Little Twink,

Who the heck you are I think

I am not under the affluence of inkahol

As some thinkle peep I am

I've had tee martoonis and a scottle of botch

And the drunker I sit here the longer I get.

Crostifer Colimbus and the Amovery of Disterica

Many gears ayo, Queen Spainabella if Is heared a light snock on the coor of her dastle. There stood a young gen from Manoa who gowed bracefully and egged a baudience with her hoyal righness, which audience she gillingly wave." Oh Seen", he qued, "I would learly dove to wail sestward and amover Disterica, but I am dort of shough. Could you kingtact the cong and mare up a bit of scunny?"

Now the deen, who was anything but a quope, recognized the minsarity of the san, plus the profability of a little possit in the deal. So, she kingtacted the cong, and together they gave him bee small throats : The Pina, the Ninta and the Manta Saria. This made Holibus excruciatingly cappy, so he quanked the theen on nended bee and forth set mail for Aserica, the tune of opperlandity.

It was on octwelber the toth, fourteen hundred and twodee-nine after hardy menships and ditter bissapointments, that Corstifer Colimbus arrived at the shelate doors of the bahamas. Thus, American startery histed.