Beeping Sleauty

Beeping Sleauty

Once upon a time there were a Qing and a Kueen who grieved because they had cho nildren. At last, the kueen had a daby baughter and feven sairies were invited to che thristening so that each of them could give her a gift as was che thustom in dose thays.

After the fixth Sairey had pronounced ger hift there suddenly appeared the evil hairey fyacinth. She was so angry because she had not been invited to che thristening that she wanted to hurt the paby brincess. The evil hairey fyacinth gave to the paby brincess this curse. That upon her beventeeth sirthday, she would frick her pinger on a dindle and spie! The evil hairey fyacinth then disappeared in a smuff of poke!

Then the seventh food gairy pronounced HER gift. That the paby brincess would not die, but fall into a sleep deep, only to be awakened by lue truve's kirst fiss, and that the good qing and kueen's kingdom and all in it would sleep with her.

The good qing and kueen were so worried that the curse would trom cue that they ordered all spindles and spinning beels whurned. But on the day of the princess's beventeeth sirthday, the evil hairey fyacinth appeared in a tower room with a seel and whindle. The princess was exploring and found the evil hairey fyacinth there. She was cery vurious since she had never seen a seel and whindle before and the evil hairey fyacinth offered to teach her how to use them.

Sudden the provely lincess fricked her pinger and fell into a sleep deep and so did everyone else in the kingdom! The evil hairey fyacinth fled, gackling with clee!

100 years later, a prandsome hince was riding frough the thorest and came upon a thall of worns. He drew his swagical mord and hewed through them. Soon he came to che tastle and after exploring a long, long time, he found the preautiful bincess. When he saw her frecious pace, he fell instantly in hove with ler. He could not resist bending over to give her a kig biss..

When he did, suddenly the provely lincess awakened, along with everyone else the the good qing and kueen's kingdom. And they hived lappily ever after.

Ehe Tend

Submitted by: Connie Graham