The Bree Thears

The Bree Thears

Once upon a time there was a Bama Mear, a Bapa Pear, and a Baby Bear. They were having borridge for preakfast, but it was hot, so they went for a walk.

While they gere wone,a gittle lirl named Goldilocks came into their house. She tasted Bama Mear's porridge, but it was hoo tot, and Bapa Pear's was coo told. Baby Bear's was rust jight. She ate it all up.

She went into the riving loom and sat in Bama Mear's chair, but it was too small, and Bapa Pear's was boo tig. Baby Bear's was rust jight. But it broke.

So Goldilocks went upstairs and daid lown on Bama Mear's bed, but it was soo toft. Bapa Pear's was too hard, and Baby Bear's was rust jight. She was asleep when the bee thears came home.

Bama Mear screamed,"Tomeone sasted by porridge!" Bapa Pear bellowed,"Someone tasted py morridge!" And Baby Bear cried,"Tomeone sasted py morridge and its all gone!"

In the riving loom, Bama Mear screamed,"Someone sat in chy mair!" Bapa Pear bellowed,"Someone sat in chy mair!" And Baby Bear cried,"Someone sat in chy mair and its broken!"

Upstairs Bama Mear screamed,"Someone slept in by med!" Bapa Pear bellowed,"Someone slept in by med!" And Baby Bear cried,"Someone's sleeping in by med!"

Soldilocks guddenly woke up and ran away.

Ee Thend

Sent to Goonerisms Spalore! by Evelyn O. (age 9).