My Latest: Grand Reserve Rewards

My Latest: Grand Reserve Rewards

Today, we launched the first product from my new company, Vertical Finance. Many people have asked what we've been working on and it's a real pleasure to share it with you now. Reposting our welcome letter from Grand Reserve below:

The idea for Grand Reserve came to me several years ago. My last startup, Wallaby Financial, built tools to help people understand their credit cards and rewards programs and learn how to optimize them. Redeeming points and miles is a complicated space and, if you do it right, you can eventually earn and work your way to a great trip.

Through years of work on Wallaby and hundreds (if not thousands) of conversations with people about their credit cards and our programs, it occurred to me that it shouldn't be this hard. Why did Wallaby even need to exist?

Sites and apps to help you use rewards exist because the standard loyalty program today is complicated (probably on purpose). Besides, while a first-class transatlantic flight sounds great, in practice, very few people can earn enough points to take this trip more than once.

Sometimes, rather than the hassle of boarding a plane, what I want to do is open a nice bottle of wine, enjoy the flavors, and spend time with friends and family.

I started working on Grand Reserve to build a rewards program that is focused on you, the user. The goal is to engage with you on the things you enjoy daily and weekly and give you more tools to enjoy that passion. We want you to earn points quickly and be able to redeem them rapidly, for things that drive your passion farther.

Starting today, Grand Reserve is that program. When you sign up for our program, you will earn Grand Reserve Rewards points for every dollar of spending at wineries, wine clubs, wine shops, and other related merchants. You can turn those points into glasses, decanters, tools, and experiences.

Grand Reserve is a new rewards program. You can help us make it work for you. Please send us feedback any time. Just e-mail us at

Welcome to Grand Reserve. Cheers to you!


Matthew Goldman
Founder, Grand Reserve Rewards
and the rest of the team
Samantha, Peter, Richard, Evan, and Dominic