Unfortunately, the corner of Green and Raymond in Old Pasadena, next to Wallaby’s headquarters, is not very safe.  Every week I see at least one car driving the wrong way on Green, which is a one way street.

In the past few weeks, we’ve also seen a few car on pedestrian or car on bicycle accidents, including yesterday.  What continues to amaze me (besides the bad driving) is the lack of helmets.  A few hours after seeing a car hit a bicyclist I saw the Cicle LA Pasadena Art Night ride.  Dozens (hundreds?) of bicyclists going around Pasadena, at night. Many of them didn’t have helmets.

I used to mountain bike quite a lot and I know a helmet has saved my life.  I don’t have the photo at the moment, but 10 pieces of helmet later and a broken pair of glasses, my head was intact.

There is zero reason not to wear your helmet.  If you’re not wearing your helmet, you are being stupid. Once you get in an accident and you injure your head, you will be stupid or dead. It’s that simple.