A few thoughts on switching everything over to Ghost.

My first personal website was built by hand, probably in Notepad, in 1996 and existed as part of the website of the Los Alamos Youth Commission. I found it in the Wayback Machine and it is ridiculous and terrible.

Over the years, I moved on from sub-pages to my own domain for my business, then to this domain. I moved from shared web hosting, to a physical machine I could set next to in an office, to a dedicated machine off-site, to this virtual private server.

In all these years, I never made it to being very dynamic with my own site. I built some real web applications in the late 1990s/early 2000s, but then moved out of coding into product management. Installing Ghost is the first time I'm using some form of a CMS for the whole site. (I have been blogging on tumblr the past four years or so.)

Welcome to the future.