Content Owners: Get it Together

Content Owners: Get it Together

This is how I feel about content owners.

GET IT TOGETHER. I pay a ton of money each month for my TV. Yet, I can’t get what now should be simple.

I’ll try to write something useful here, but The Oatmeal recently did a very good job of this.

I enjoy Justified.  I record it and watch it. I’m sure sometimes I watch the ads. I certainly pay the big DirecTV bill each month.

For the recent season finale for some reason my expensive DVR missed the last three minutes. I want to know what happened.

So I go online to FX. They stream full episodes.  BUT, not to DirecTV subscribers, of course. I am sure there is a contract dispute because probably DirecTV wants access in their own app or some BS.

So then I go on to the DirecTV box. Theoretically, I can stream the episode, but there are two big caveats. First, it’s not in HD. Seriously, it’s 2014? I’ve had an HD set for 10 years now.  Second, I can’t fast forward.